LickiMat® Wobble™

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Authentic LickiMat® Boredom buster for Dogs and Cats.


The LickiMat® Wobble is a bowl-shaped rubber dish with a dimpled surface inside that is a vet-designed slow feeder recommended by dog groomers, dog trainers, and dog behaviourists. It is the perfect dog bowl replacement and enticing boredom buster that will entertain and satisfy your dog while taking care of his mental and dental health.

Smearing a treat on the LickiMat® Wobble will intrigue your pooch to lick the bowl with dimples, increasing saliva production, which will aid the cleaning of his tongue, teeth, and gums. Brushing his tongue constantly against the dimpled surface will clean his tongue and pilot a fresher breath.

The LickiMat® Wobble is a good distraction for crated, lonely, bored, frustrated, anxious, and stressed dogs. Licking acts as a self-medicating tool to calm dogs and provide them with a sense of pleasure. It is a self-soothing behaviour that activates the release of endorphins that helps them to relax.

The LickiMat® Wobble is a great way to solve your pooch’s fast eating habits and prolong his enjoyment. Eating slower will aid digestion, keep your dog from bloating and help him feel satisfied for longer periods between meals.

The LickiMat® Wobble is made from recyclable, durable TPR Rubber, which is 100% safe for your puppy. It is dishwasher and microwave-safe and freezer friendly.

The LickiMat® Wobble can be filled with liquids, feed, or treats like yoghurt, gravy, peanut butter, doggy liver spreads, and raw food. It is a  lovely way of delivering supplements or medication in a non-threatening way. The LickiMat® Wobble can even be turned inside out so that the treats can be smeared on the outside of the dome, adding fun and exploration to delivering treats.

Always ensure that your LickiMat® Wobble is in perfect condition and do not allow him to chew on it. If you have a teething puppy or heavy chewer, the LickiMat® Tuff is a stronger and better alternative.

Improve your pooch’s feed and treat experience! Give him the slow-feed healthy treat experience he deserves! The distraction he needs for those grooming sessions and vet trips!

The LickiMat® Wobble measures 16 cm x 16 cm and is available in green and turquoise.

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Green, Turquoise