Promix FlyAway Balm

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Promix Animal Supplements


Promix FlyAway Balm

A ‘100% natural’ full spectrum pest repellent using only the purest essential oils.  Formulated by Dr Karen Bohme, BVSc (Hons)


  • Eucalyptus: The national institute of health published the 2004 Swedish ‘Journal of Medical Entomology’ which provide proof that Eucalyptus vastly reduces Tick bites & combats infections. It is also effective in repelling flies, mosquitos and midges.
  • Bergamot: Bergamot is an excellent insect repellent and has been used successfully for centuries as a skin conditioner and for stress relief. The 1982 published journal ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine’ conducted trials proving that Bergamot repelled up to 70% more mosquitoes than the average household repellent.
  • Cape Snowbush: A natural and pleasant smelling Mosquito and Fly repellent and antiseptic, being successfully used since 1966


  • Liberally smear on as well as in ears & under tails every other day.
  • Not recommended for cats and pregnant animals.

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150ml, 250ml


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