Tick & Flea Chews

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Tick and Flea chews, a completely natural formulation that, given every day, gently helps to deter ticks and fleas from your dog’s coat.  Not for cats.

Contains Neem, Fenugreek, Lemon Balm, Vitamin B1 and Mint

Daily amount:

Give one tablet daily per 10kg body weight as a treat or in food.  this product can take up to six weeks before a definite effect is seen.

30 chews lasts a medium dog 15 days

Please note:  This is a nutritional product and is not intended as a substitute for veterinary products or advice.

  • It is recommended to give a break of one week every three months.
  • Do not use in conjunction with diabetes medication or sedatives.
  • Not for use in dogs with auto-immune disease.
  • Do not use for two weeks before or after surgery.
  • Not for breeding, pregnant or lactating bitches, cats or puppies under 6 months of age

Registration Number:  V30813 (Act 36 of 1947)

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