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Venison Testicles (Whole)

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Venison Testicles (Whole)

Antibiotic, hormone and steroid free

Testicles are a great complement to your pet’s diet, or use them to provide organ content in homemade diets. It is recommended to feed 5% of your pet’s total food intake when making your own food at home, or you can add as a treat a few times a week to your pet’s already complete meals. Testicles provide a wide variety of B vitamins, particularly vitamin B12.

Exotic meats are perfect for pets who suffer from allergies from core meats

NOTE:  Seasonal item; limited availability

TIP:  Feed frozen or sliced to picky organ eaters.  Organs are highly affected by cooking.  As a last resort, lightly searing the outside (the middle must remain raw) can encourage eating initially.

This listing is for 500 grams of product


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