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Meet the Team

New products are sampled by our very healthy team pictured here!

If they are not happy, it goes nowhere!

Our raw food products are hand packed and snap frozen in very clean facilities, mostly straight on the suppliers’ premises to ensure minimum handling.

We truly believe our customers should know where their pet’s raw products come from, which is why we strive to maintain relationships with our meat producers.

Our Job is to learn how the animals are treated, as well as the ethics and sustainability behind the treatment of the animals, that we are able to provide you with high quality products.

Whether it is grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free, all natural, – our product list provides an extensive variety of whole cuts, organs, raw meaty bones, supplements and healthy pet treats to fit any lifestyle.

There is no mess or processing required with our products because, let’s face it, livers, lungs and offal in general can be a messy affair!  We have taken out all of the hard, messy work for you! Our products are ready to serve and feed.

100% Natural Canine Nutrition

The Carniraw Philosophy

Raw feeding is a conscious decision taken by progressive pet guardians in order to meet the mental and biological needs of your dog or cat.

Dogs and cats THRIVE on whole, chunky foods.  We stock a massive selection of whole raw produce such as legs, heads, carcasses and raw meaty bones to deliver a COMPLETE and realistic raw food diet.

Our aim is to assist you to provide your pets with a diet that is as varied as possible and species’ appropriate.   Feeding your dogs minced meat or just one protein is NOT enough.

Variety is key.

They need the marrows, bones, cartilage, fats, organs and offal to stimulate them mentally and physically, and we do not believe that commercially prepared foods are able to provide this.

The pet food industry is very loosely regulated and is overrun with poor quality food and ingredients coupled with excellent marketing and seductive packaging.  We do not supply “end of life” products.  You are guaranteed with our products that what you are buying is exactly what you are getting.

 Allergies, cancers and skin issues are at an all time high amongst both human and pets whereby it’s almost expected and accepted as normal. Of all animal species on the planet – pet dogs are the HIGHEST with rates of cancer.  Your pet should be able to get everything he/she needs from his/her diet. With the variety of protein sources and whole foods that we are able to supply, supplements are not required for an overall healthy pet. However, we are not against the use of supplements if given in moderation. Too much of anything can be harmful to the body.

We believe that ALL animals deserve respect and have a right to quality of life.

The foundation of good health is good nutrition


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