Allergy Care Chews

R120.00 Inc Vat

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Allergy Care tablets are a similar formulation to Allergy Formula powder, but in chewable tablet form.

Daily amount:

  • Small pets [ <10kg ]: 1 tablet per day
  • Medium pets [ 10-20kg ]: 2 tablets per day
  • Large pets [ 20.1-30kg ]: 3 tablets per day
  • Large pets [30.1-40kg]: 4 tablets per day
  • Giant breeds [ >40kg ]: 5 tablets per day

30 chews lasts a medium dog 15 days

Please note:  This is a nutritional product and is not intended as a substitute for veterinary products or advice.

  • Discontinue immediately at any sign of adverse reaction

Registration Number:  V31059 (Act 36 of 1947)

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