Doggobone Duck meal for Dogs (1kg)

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2 x 500g rolls


Complete and Balanced meals for dogs, registered as Doggobone Duck Meal with the Department of Agriculture.

Product Reg. no: V26530 Act 36 / 1947

Ingredients: Duck, Organ meat, Tripe, Liver, Chicken, Vegetables, Fruit, Egg, Chicory, Alfalfa Meal, Sun-Dried Kelp, Phytonutrients, Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Note:  Duck and Chicken are finely ground including bone

Unless specified, all organ meat is from beef/sheep origin

The Doggobone raw diet is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO and FEDIAF food nutrient profiles for all life stages

  This is a frozen product.

  Remove contents from packaging prior to thawing


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