Numesa Kreature Kefir

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Numesa Kreature Kefir (500ml)


Numesa Kreature Kefir (500ml)

  •  Frozen product


Kefir is rich in B complex vitamins such as Vitamin B1, B12, as well as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin K2 and biotin

The main minerals present in kefir are calcium, phosphorus and magnesium

Kefir provides antibiotic and antifungal properties

A must add after the use of antibiotics to restore balance to your pet’s digestive tract

Helps to prevent allergies in your pet

Regulates heart liver kidney and immune system

Helps to promote healthy looking skin, boosting energy and promoting longevity

All the micro-organisms present strengthen the digestive system

Helps to alleviate gas, bloating and heartburn

Probiotic aid may help with IBD, eczema and bad breath

Has been linked to aid in gastritis, pancreatitis, abdominal peptic issues, skin psoriasis, rheumatism, joint disease as well as gouty arthritis, weakening of bones, anemia, as well as leaky digestive tract syndrome

Able to reduce risking potential a number of malignancies, such as colon cancer malignancy, stopping the increase of cancerous cells

Kefir contains 30 different strains of good bacteria, insoluble protein, amino acids, lipids, concentrated vitamins, biotin, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium

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