Sprats /kg

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A delicious treat, rich in protein and omega 3 oils


Our whole Sprats are ideal for DIY raw feeders, or for those who already feed our completes, but want to provide an extra nutrient boost every so often in their dog’s meals.

A wonderful natural source of essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, with fantastic benefits! Whole, fresh sprats are also beneficial for:
🐟 Can improve the coat and skin,
🐟 Reduce inflammation,
🐟 Support joints & mobility (eg arthritis),
🐟 Help regulate & boost the immune system (eg allergies),
🐟 Is important for the brain (development & cognitive abilities)
🐟 Supports kidneys, heart & vision

Our whole frozen sprats are free from fillers, additives and preservatives so they are biologically appropriate and easily digestible for optimal health and wellbeing.  Add as a topper to a meal, or feed as a treat!

Our whole sprats are individually quick frozen for freshness.


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