Venison All Natural Raw Hide Rolls – with Hair

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All Natural Raw Hide Rolls with Hair (pack)


All Natural Raw Hide Rolls with Hair (pack)

Each pack contains approximately 4 rolls

Antibiotic, hormone and steroid free

These all-natural Raw Hide Rolls are made from wild Blesbok skin that is never bleached, dried or treated with and chemicals or preservatives

Each roll is hand cut and frozen.

Benefits to adding fur to your carnivore’s diet:

  1. It is a good source of fiber and aids the cleaning of the digestive tract
  2. When the digestive tract is clean, it can improve nutrient absorption and can support the immune system
  3. Fur can help eliminate worms and parasites
  4. Added fiber can help bulk stool and naturally assist in expressing anal glands

TIP:  Each roll can easily be cut to appropriate size at home

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Pack Size

4 rolls


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